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Stock Manager

Valentines Austin is seeking a full-time Stock Manager to oversee inventory and supplies to ensure we maintain organized and appropriate stock levels to meet business needs. This team member will follow all stock related processes and procedures, covering all incoming/outgoing merchandise and the effective organization of products within the stockroom and store floor. This job requires a high level of both physical and digital organization skills and attention to detail.


Valentines is a luxury boutique with a collection of ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, fine and fashion jewelry, and home décor. In 1999, Teresa Windham opened the first Valentines location in Austin, Texas with a mission to “find the clothes you love to wear.” With a second location at Kerbey Lane Village that opened in 2015, both boutiques are glamorous havens that encapsulate Teresa’s passion for art, fashion, travel, and design in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Today, the team at Valentines continues to travel the world to hand select clothing that fits every aspect of women’s lives. Our team of stylists works with clients to create custom edits that elevate everyday essentials and tailor looks for special occasions. Whether we are styling a long-time client or welcoming someone for the very first time, helping each woman tap into her inner joy and feel gorgeous remains at the core of all we do.


Handle all incoming merchandise:

  1. Process one vendor shipment at a time when receiving merchandise to ensure completion of receiving procedures
  2. Ensure product receival process is timely, complete and accurate: unboxing, checking merchandise off packing slip to confirm all ordered product is received, referencing inventory management software (currently Lightspeed), sorting, ticketing/labeling, steaming, and placing on sales floor 
  3. Develop a transfer schedule to manage and execute the transfer of goods both to and from our other location
  4. Process online order returns including physical and online restocking
  5. Physically move stock within both Stockroom and sales floor to maintain effective stock flow and storage
  6. Other tasks as assigned

Fulfill online orders:

  1. Ensure products are packaged according to spec with accurate record keeping including updating orders in Shopify
  2. Purchase and manage shipping to ensure timely delivery
  3. Fulfill orders as they are placed ensuring they are complete by EOD
  4. Thoroughly and immediately communicate with team on any customer service situations that arise

Maintain back of house operations, organization, and cleanliness:

  1. Maintain proper organization and accessibility of merchandise broken down by vendor and size
  2. Organize the back of house, and ensure accurate labeling, logical placement, neat arrangement
  3. Clean and manage workspaces and entire back of house
  4. Break down boxes and take out to recycling
  5. Identify opportunities to improve efficiency of operations, propose new strategies to Executive Team, and implement updates as appropriate

Manage store supplies:

  1. Develop ordering schedule for store supplies including printer ink, paper towels, product tags, and coffee
  2. Manage weekly order placements
  3. Keep records of orders placed and itemized receipts
  4. Keep orders within allocated weekly and monthly budgets

Assist with store maintenance:

  1. Identify and handle store maintenance needs such as replacing light bulbs, troubleshooting printer or store speaker issues, etc.

Provide inventory management support:

  1. Participate in periodic inventory audits
  2. Work with buying team to establish standard product levels
  3. Take an active role in store stock takes and inventory days

Maintain a safe work environment:

  1. Any level of negative behavior, from incivility or rudeness up to bullying and harassment, creates a toxic and destructive environment, will not be tolerated and is cause for termination
  2. Dress appropriately and follow dress code guidelines
  3. Smoking or vaping of any kind, drinking, or the unlawful use of drugs is prohibited in the workplace

Other tasks as assigned

Reports to Director of Marketing


  • Minimum 2 years related inventory management experience
  • Ideal candidate will possess a strong work ethic, friendly and joyful demeanor, maintain composure in stressful situations, and display a team-oriented attitude
  • High level of attention to detail
  • High level of both physical and digital organization skills
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Must be able to lift at least 30-50 pounds


  • Full-time salary position
  • Must be available to work on-site at Davenport Village during open hours Monday - Friday | 10am-6pm


  • Up to 50% of healthcare covered on the first of the month after 60 days. For example, if hired on or prior to August 1st, the plan would become effective November 1st
  • Employee discount on store merchandise after 60 days
  • Lunch provided at least 2 days per week


  • $50,000 - $60,000 Annually Based on Experience


  • Email your resume and reason for interest to careers [at]

If hired for this position, the candidate will be provided adequate equipment to complete their responsibilities.