Marie Lichtenberg

Locket Toujours- Multi 14k


Locket Always. Gold barrel set with multicolored sapphires with the "Always" inscription in sky blue enamel. Each locket is sold on a 73cm mauli link that can be worn in a double turn. Gold chain available separately. 

14k Gold

Gold weight: 8.5grams

Silver weight: 2.5grams

Sapphires: 33x1.5mm and .68grams



Inspired by the forçat chains of her mother's Martiniquan roots, Marie Lichtenberg's symbolic love lockets honor artisanship and embody meaning. Traditionally handed down through the generations, the hollow gold chains with bold locket clasps celebrate emancipation in Creole culture. Marie received one from her mother as a teen, sparking her connection to the emotional value of jewelry. Years later, it would also lead her to explore what she would like to pass on to her own daughter in turn.