Forte Forte

Voile Shirt "Good Vibes" Print


the romantic demureness of the boho shirt is revived by the edgy energy of the "good vibes" print which features sharp strokes and 80s-inspired graphics with all the bold stylishness of that era. loose around the bust and sleeves, it has shoulder panels and gathered detailing that enhance its soft drape. 



grown in the fashion business, the forte brothers hail from veneto, italy. giada and paolo have absorbed this ethos since childhood, in the family’s knitwear factories. giada is in charge of design, paolo is the business strategist. robert vattilana, art director and giada’s life partner, is the third member of the group: the one who translates visions and sensations into images and spaces, or graphic and editorial choices. forte_forte is the offspring of the three’s joined efforts: the family name is doubled, christening the brand with an incitation that is already an expression of strength; the lower case font signals a desire for intimacy as opposed to ostentations.