Zaria Mini Dress


Made of 100% Ecovero Viscose Chiffon, the Zaria Mini Dress in our blush print is beautiful, elegant, and perfect for this transitioning season. The fabric feels smooth on the skin and flows beautifully. Ecovero viscose is derived from certified and environmentally responsible wood sources and is a Cleobella favorite!

Cleobella’s hand woodblock printed designs embody the slowest form of textile design in fashion. The designs are hand drawn, carved out of teak wood by generational master woodblock makers, dipped into natural dyes, and pressed onto the fabric with extreme precision leaving a beautiful impression of the pattern. The signature prints are truly wearable art and occasional variations in design are due to the handmade process, making each piece as unique as you are.

All of Cleobella's cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, ensuring there is no use of genetically modified seeds, harmful pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers at every stage of the supply chain. Cleobella works with farmers in South India so the fabric does not travel far for production, and so they can verify traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Preserving heritage techniques is at the forefront of Cleobella's design sensibility. Each of Cleobella’s designs is handmade with intention and integrity. Occasional variations in design are due to the handmade process, making each item beautifully unique.


Cleobella's handmade process allows them the pleasure of personally working with local artisans and small factories, creating jobs and sustainable incomes around the world. Cleobella is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and celebrates traditional craftsman techniques.