About Us

Teresa Windham,  Owner

Teresa Windham, Owner


Valentines is a luxury fashion boutique with two locations in Austin, Texas.

 In 1999, Teresa Windham opened Valentines with a dream of providing women with forward-thinking contemporary clothing that fit every aspect of their lives. She founded Valentines with a mission to find “the clothes you love to wear." Teresa has created a glamorous haven that encapsulates her passion for art, fashion, travel, and design. 

Valentines offers  an impeccably curated selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, fine and fashion jewelry, and home décor. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of the fashion world by providing our customers with both emerging brands and the classics we love and trust. With a team of stylists ready to create your dream wardrobe, Valentines is the ultimate luxury shopping experience. 

At Valentines, we strive to create an authentic and relaxed environment, where our clients feel at home. We are truly passionate about our mission, finding you the "clothes you love to wear.”

All images courtesy of the very talented brands and designers whose products we are honored to offer to our customers.