Augustinus Bader

The Serum


The Serum from Augustinus Bader. Clean Science. Powered by TFC8®. A fast-absorbing concentrate designed to support total complexion correction, hydration and renewal - for skin that looks and feels healthier, more youthful and radiant.
Formulated with clean super-hydrators and nature’s most effective problem-solvers, this breakthrough serum zeros in on your skin’s most persistent challenges. From dehydration, stress, and the signs of aging and environmental damage to the appearance of imperfections and loss of elasticity, The Serum delivers an effortless, all-encompassing solution. Backed by 30 years of visionary science.



  • Reduces and helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation for more youthful looking skin.
  • Improves tone and smooths texture for brighter, more even looking skin. Boosts skin’s natural radiance.
  • Supports production of collagen and boosts elasticity for plumper, more resilient skin.
  • Helps lift, smooth and tighten sagging skin, for a firmer, revitalized complexion.
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin, while preventing moisture loss (TEWL) for supple, refreshed skin with greater bounce back.
  • Balances and calms stressed, overly reactive skin. Helps to reduce redness.
  • Protects against environmental aggressors and oxidative stresses such as pollution.

"The Serum is designed as an all-in-one problem solver for your skin, supporting total complexion revitalization. It combines unique ingredients such as the alpine plant Edelweiss with our proprietary TFC8® renewal technology to formulate the most effective rescue team for your skin and was designed to work in synergy with our facial moisturizers. The clinical trial results of The Serum were beyond our expectations, while its innovative refillable design raises the bar for beauty packaging with luxurious, eco-friendly, glass and aluminum."